Why am I charged a booking fee?

The booking fee covers our general running costs which are incurred just like any other online business and include admin fees, customer service fees, staffing fees, marketing services, phone fees, software development, security audits, fraud protection, server hosting, office rent, ticket scanning equipment, box office equipment and onsite staffing.

Whilst, from a consumer point of view, buying a ticket is usually a straightforward process (although the industry has more work to do to make it simpler). Rest assured the technology behind that is very sophisticated & more complicated than they look; And with consumers demanding ever more developments to make it easier and more convenient to buy tickets (select your own seats, mobile ticketing, multiple payment methods, print at home tickets, payment plans etc) ticketing systems are set to grow ever more complicated and unfortunately that costs.

So hopefully that goes some way to explaining why there are booking fees. But why are they so important? Essentially Ticketbooth is no different to any other retailer and what’s been explained is simply the cost of sale which applies to any retail business. However, when you go to a supermarket, for example, you don’t go to the checkout and get told that that your shopping comes to $100 and on top of that there will be $3 checkout fee. Except that, in effect that is exactly what you have been charged. Your supermarket buys a product at the wholesale price (face value in ticketing terms) and sells it with a mark up (booking fee) at a retail price. The only difference between Ticketbooth and your supermarket is that we tell you what that mark up is.

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